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Royte’s Bottlemania Picked as Top 10 Green Book of 2008

Elizabeth Royte’s Bottlemania – a book which looks at America’s obsession with bottled water and uses Nestle Water’s battle in Fryeburg as a backdrop – was chosen as one of the Top 10 Green books of 2008 by Plenty magazine:

Royte “uses the story of a face-off between the small town of Fryeburg, Me., and the giant Swiss food conglomerate Nestlé, which, as the owner of Poland Spring water, sucked more than 168 million gallons of water out of Fryeburg in 2005 alone, as a prism through which to look at the many issues at stake in these water wars.” International Herald Tribune’s Lisa Margonelli added that “Where others are bold, Bottlemania is subversive, and after you read it you will sip warily from your water bottle (whether purchased or tap, plastic or not)…

Bottlemania’s even-handed approach makes it a “must-read” for anyone involved in the the bottled water wars.