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New York City May Ban Bottled Water Purchases: Taxpayers Could Save $2.1 Million

Municipal bottled water bans are in place in a dozen places in Canada; now bottled water companies (like Nestle) are facing a similar ban on taxpayer-funded purchases of bottled water in New York:

New York City may close tap on bottled water

City Councilmen Eric Gioia (D-Queens) and Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) will introduce a bill next week that would stop city agencies from buying bottled water and water coolers for workers at city agencies.

The city spends $2.1 million annually on bottled water, according to the Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

“New York City has some of the cleanest water in the country, and we should use it,” said Gioia.

He noted that the move would also save on storage and disposal costs and help the environment by reducing waste and truck traffic for water-delivery services.

In the face of multiple municipal bans on bottled water purchases – which, given the revenues involved are likely more symbolic than hurtful to Nestle’s bottom line – we can still expect Nestle Waters of North America to begin ratcheting up the rhetoric, and soon.

As I noted in this post, Nestle’s spokesperson in Canada is sounding increasingly desperate to avoid further bans, and the unpleasant prospects of a New York City ban – on the heels of bans in San Francisco and Seattle – will likely provoke a USA response.

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