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Nestle Most-Boycotted Brand in UK? World?

When it comes to posting stories on StopNestleWaters.org, I tend to stick Nestle’s North American water-bottling operations, though this release from OneWorld.net (a UK organization) lays out a long list of charges aimed at Nestle’s worldwide operations (including spying on opposition groups):

Patti Rundall OBE, of Baby Milk Action, which promotes the boycott over the company’s aggressive marketing of baby foods, will participate in a public meeting on 30 January at the Kongresshaus in Zurich (www.kongresshaus.ch) at 18:00 alongside a speaker concerned about Nestlé trade union-busting activities in Colombia and a member of ATTAC Switzerland, which is taking legal action against Nestlé over its infiltration of the group with a spy hired through the private security company, Securitas.

The spy included information gathered on the baby milk campaign in reports sent to a former MI6 officer employed by Nestlé to run the operation.

Wow. Spying? Infitrating ATTAC? I can’t speak to all the charges, but later, the article relates a couple stunning facts:

  • Nestle is the UK’s most-boycotted brand
  • Nestlé won a global internet poll for the world’s ‘least responsible company’ (2005)

You can read the whole post here: World News from OneWorld UK.

To most people, consistency would be a good thing, though in this case, I wouldn’t suggest that consistently bad behavior is doing Nestle any favors.

Can Nestle Be Trusted – Even By Its Own Partners?

Nestle UK Accused of Throwing Smaller Industry Brands Under the Bus

A recently formed bottled water alliance in the United Kingdom has angered smaller water bottlers and other beverage producers, who say Nestle, Danone and Highland Spring (the three biggest brands in the UK) formed the new alliance to protect their interests at the expense of others’:

LONDON – Nestle Waters, Danone Waters and Highland Spring stand accused of breaking ranks with the soft-drinks industry for launching the Natural Hydration Council (NHC).

The NHC has been created to research and promote the environmental and health benefits of bottled water, and its three founders have control of the most prominent bottled-water brands in the UK: Nestle owns Buxton and Vittel, while Danone owns Volvic and Evian.

One soft-drinks insider poured scorn on the move to create a separate organisation to the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA)’s Bottled Water Information Office. The latter was disbanded after the formation of the NHC.

‘They can hardly claim to offer an industry-wide perspective, even if they are the largest individual players,’ said the insider.

I suspect the “Natural Hydration Council” was formed so that its members could mount attacks against bottled drinks considered “less healthy” than their own – the corporate equivalent of throwing the less trendy members of your party under the bus.

The message? They’d like you to know just how darned good bottled water is for the environment:

Paolo Sangiorgi, managing director of Nestlé Waters UK, said: “Not many people realise that natural bottled water comes from fully sustainable sources and in recyclable packaging.

I’d suggest that fewer people realize that 75%-85% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills, but I suspect the Hydration Council won’t be focusing on that fact. Or that “fully sustainable” apparently means something different to water bottlers than it does to fish, wildlife and watersheds – typically the downstream victims of Nestle’s water extraction projects.

Can Nestle be trusted? In North America, their inability to accept a “no” answer from the citizens of Fryeburg – and their total disregard for watersheds in McCloud, CA, and Mecosta, MI, suggest they’ve got a long ways to go.

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