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Fryeburg Faces Nestle Lawsuit Yet Again: Local Control of Streets at Issue

The folks of Fryeburg aren’t enamored of the idea of a 24/7 truck loading station in a residentially zoned area, but when Nestle Waters of North America is involved, local control over water, streets and lifestyle dies not with a bang, but with a lawsuit.


As is often the case, the argument ultimately doesn’t revolve around what’s right or reasonable (I’m suggesting a 24/7 truck loading station in a residential area – running 50 trucks per day – isn’t a particularly reasonable land use).

Instead, it revolves around interpretation of of ambiguous passages of the law – a practice similar to divining the future via goat entrails.

What’s clear is Nestle’s “good corporate neighbor” PR spin is a facade; a truck loading station returns little to the town of Fryeburg save a small bump in property taxes. Yet the downside is clear; Fryeburg “enjoys” trucks rumbling along at all hours of the day or night, diesel fumes, the noise, etc.

Nestle knows this, and it’s treating Fryeburg in the same manner it treats other small, rural towns who don’t roll over and play dead – they release the legal hounds, who are better funded than their citizen counterparts.

No matter how the decision goes in Fryeburg, the real lesson has already been learned.

Nestle Waters Wins! (Unfortunately, It’s the Corporate Scrooge of the Year Award)

Nestle’s not just the world biggest food & beverage multinational. They’re also winners – of Co-op America’s “Corporate Scrooge of the Year” Award.

While we could offer any number of reasons why they so richly deserve this honor, we’ll let those actually handing out the award tell the tale:

“These CEOs represent the worst of the worst when it comes to corporate insensitivity, avarice and callousness,” said Victoria Kreha of Co-op America.

“They need to be held accountable for their actions, which, in some cases, have inflicted appalling harm on consumers and our environment.”

This year’s losers are:

  • Ex-Citigroup CEO Charles Prince. Although no longer with the company, he shouldered much of the blame for its collapse and $20 billion federal bailout.
  • GM Chairman/CEO Rick Wagoner. He was whacked for taking a private jet to Washington when preparing to ask Congress for a multi-billion dollar bailout.
  • Nestle Waters Chairman/CEO John Harris: For threatening to sue Miami-Dade County in Florida after it aired public service messages declaring its tap water was cheaper, safer and purer than bottled water.

We’d love to congratulate Nestle for their inclusion among such stratospheric company; finding yourself receiving an award alongside the Citigroup CEO and chairment of GM is a moment you should never, ever forget.

Still, those who aren’t convinced Nestle’s truly earned this singular honor might want to read about some of their other zany escapades in our Top Six Reasons why you can’t trust the company.

After doing so, you’ll wonder how many more awards are due the predatory multinational (we think a lot).

Once again, StopNestleWaters.org would love to congratulate our favorite predatory multinational on their achievement. Well done.

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