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Nestle Desperately Trying to Reverse Canadian Water Bans

Nestle Waters – and the entire bottled water industry – have suffered a devastating series of setbacks in Canada as one municipality after another institutes bottled water purchasing bans.

Designed to save taxpayer dollars, reduce the stream of plastic flowing into landfills, and boost confidence in municipal water systems, Canada’s bottled water bans are causing Nestle’s operatives to break out in a rash.

Spokesman John Challinor has appeared all over Canada, repeating Nestle’s mantra that bottled water competes with sugared drinks – an assertion they often make, but never prove.

Challinor’s efforts are taking on an almost desperate tone – witness this story from the Toronto Star:

Let’s make a deal on bottled water, firms tell city

Intensive lobbying is continuing over Toronto’s proposals to curb packaging waste, from water bottles to shopping bags, in advance of Monday’s city council meeting.

The mayor’s office has turned down pleas from the bottled-water industry to rescind a proposal to ban bottled water from city buildings as of December 2011.

In return for allowing bottled water in civic buildings beyond 2011, the industry is offering to mount a pilot program in a dozen Toronto locations to boost recycling of bottles, cans and paper.

The companies would also pay for a public education campaign on recycling, and commit to reducing the plastic content of their bottles before 2011 by 10 to 15 per cent.

Challinor said Rathbone relayed the proposal to the mayor’s office, where it was rejected. But the bottlers haven’t given up.

“We’re talking to all members of council today and through the weekend,” he said, in hopes of finding sympathetic councillors to raise the offer on Monday.

At StopNestleWaters.org, we’re going to take an ongoing look at the bottled water industry’s attempts to get its feet back under it – both directly, and through proxies.

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