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Globe and Mail Editorial In Favor of Bottled Water Bans

From an editorial in Canada’s Globe and Mail (online edition):

Toronto — A 25-cent deposit on plastic bottled-water bottles might put a tiny dent in the vast quantity that ends up in city dumps (Firm Introduces 25-Cent Deposit To Combat Water-Bottle Litter – Oct. 2). But it doesn’t address the more fundamental reasons why municipalities and school boards across Canada are banning the sale of bottled water in public facilities with adequate drinking fountains. Our councillors and school trustees recognize that it doesn’t make any sense to promote or facilitate the sale of a substance that costs pennies a litre out of the tap.

This is not about freedom of choice. It is about discouraging a bad lifestyle. People are slowly realizing the world does not need bottled water, and our schools and town councils are right to ban it.

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