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Nestle Abandons Plans for Water Bottling Plant in Black Diamond, WA

After Nestle Waters was unceremoniously kicked out of Enumclaw (after a citizen uprising), the company turned to he nearby communities of Orting and Black Diamond.

Now it appears that Nestle has ended talks with the town of Black Diamond, leaving us to speculate about the tiny town of Cascade Locks (OR), where Nestle was interested in a bottling plant (via the Enumclaw Courier-Herald):

Nestlé has been in discussions with the city of Black Diamond for a number of months, exploring the possibility of establishing a spring water bottling plant and becoming a commercial customer of Black Diamond’s spring water, but in a letter sent to the city of Black Diamond Thursday, the company has decided not to continue its pursuit there.

At this point, we can’t possibly know why Nestle abandoned their plans, though I suspect we’ll be hearing more about Nestle’s plans in the Northwest soon.

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