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Nestle Waters Wins! (Unfortunately, It’s the Corporate Scrooge of the Year Award)

Nestle’s not just the world biggest food & beverage multinational. They’re also winners – of Co-op America’s “Corporate Scrooge of the Year” Award.

While we could offer any number of reasons why they so richly deserve this honor, we’ll let those actually handing out the award tell the tale:

“These CEOs represent the worst of the worst when it comes to corporate insensitivity, avarice and callousness,” said Victoria Kreha of Co-op America.

“They need to be held accountable for their actions, which, in some cases, have inflicted appalling harm on consumers and our environment.”

This year’s losers are:

  • Ex-Citigroup CEO Charles Prince. Although no longer with the company, he shouldered much of the blame for its collapse and $20 billion federal bailout.
  • GM Chairman/CEO Rick Wagoner. He was whacked for taking a private jet to Washington when preparing to ask Congress for a multi-billion dollar bailout.
  • Nestle Waters Chairman/CEO John Harris: For threatening to sue Miami-Dade County in Florida after it aired public service messages declaring its tap water was cheaper, safer and purer than bottled water.

We’d love to congratulate Nestle for their inclusion among such stratospheric company; finding yourself receiving an award alongside the Citigroup CEO and chairment of GM is a moment you should never, ever forget.

Still, those who aren’t convinced Nestle’s truly earned this singular honor might want to read about some of their other zany escapades in our Top Six Reasons why you can’t trust the company.

After doing so, you’ll wonder how many more awards are due the predatory multinational (we think a lot).

Once again, would love to congratulate our favorite predatory multinational on their achievement. Well done.

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Success! Gilchrist County Denies Water Bottling Plant Permit

Good news from Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson (Our Santa Fe River): 250 locals appeared, 50 spoke out against the proposed water bottling plant (one spoke for it), and Blue Springs Properties’ request for a “special use permit” to build a water bottling facility was denied by a 4 to 1 vote.

Gilchrist county says "no" to water bottling plant
Gilchrist county says "no" to water bottling plant

It’s still not clear who the company behind the proposed water bottling plant really was. It was one of five proposed for a three-mile stretch of the Santa Fe River, but the company behind this particular development – Blue Springs Properties – refused to disclose the information.

Democracy may still work in the face of greedy water bottling companies, but it’s not speedy; the meeting started at 6 pm, but didn’t adjourn until 12:45 am the next morning.


More on this story as I get it.

Shapleigh Passes Moratorium Against Water Extraction & Testing by Nestle/Poland Spring

The residents of Shapleigh have won a resounding victory against Nestle/Poland Spring; they passed – by a sizable margin – a six-month moratorium prohibiting large-scale water extraction or the drilling of test wells.

From the Portland Press Herald:

Shapleigh voters overwhelmingly adopted a six-month moratorium on testing or large-scale extraction of water in town on Saturday, severely crimping the plans of bottler Poland Spring for a new source of water for bottling in Maine.

At a special town meeting, residents voted 204 to 38 in favor of the moratorium, which is intended to give the town time to work on an ordinance to regulate water testing and large-scale pumping. Selectmen can extend the moratorium for another six months if an ordinance isn’t done by next March.

A competing measure would have given Nestle/Poland Spring immediate access to the proposed extraction site for testing, and it was handily defeated:

Voters also shot down a proposal for an agreement between the town and Poland Spring that would have given the water bottler access to town land on Mann Road for testing. That proposal was defeated 183-49, averting a confusing situation that could have developed if voters had approved both the moratorium and the agreement with the company.

Nestle/Poland Spring spokesperson Mark Dubois seemingly took the defeat in stride:

“We think the people in Shapleigh want to go really slow when it comes to the water resources there and we respect that,” he said.

Dubois’ conciliatory words stand in stark contrast to his foreceful rhetoric of a short time ago, when he suggested Poland Spring would have to go elsewhere for its water if communities continued to put roadblocks in Poland Spring’s path.

“We’re going to go where we can do business. We’re going to go where people look at facts, not emotions.”

In the face of its heavy-handed attempts to influence local politcs – with money and even empty threats to leave –  it’s little wonder Nestle’s credibility continues to dwindle among those whose water they hope to extract.

Congratulations to the residents of Shapleigh; you’ve got the breathing room you wanted.

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