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StopNestleWaters.org Site Is Dormant, But Will Remain Online A Little Longer

As you can tell, the StopNestleWaters.org site is dormant. I simply don’t have time to keep it running.

This site still ranks quite high in search engine results, so those looking to research Nestle’s operations online will read more than Nestle’s somewhat slanted perspective on their water mining operations — and their willingness to bludgeon small towns in rural areas into submission using legal means.

Nestle is not a good corporation — witness their unconscionable actions in the USA and around the world (the baby formula issue is particularly sickening) — so I’ll leave this site up a little longer as a “gift” to them. Enjoy.


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1 Jeannette Kpissay { 01.06.12 at 10:25 am }

To find this site, I went to the fourth page of listings on Google. Nestle is huge and uses there size and promotional abilities to hide their dirty deeds. I watched babies die in West Africa as a result of their unethical practices. We cannot let relax vigilance.