One thought on “The Nestle Water Talk Digest

  1. I am an ex employee of Nestle waters. I worked in the home and office delivery center in Raynham MA. I know first hand how (for lack of a better term) HORRIBLE and deceaving they are. They asked that we lie to cutomers about the bottle deposits. When reps close accounts, they purposley charge them whatever the bottle inventoRy says. This causes peoples bank accounts to get over drawn and call customer service (where i worked) and complain. They have some filthy secret money scemes to say the least. They also take employees in small rooms and interigate them. They dont care about there employees, they care about numbers. If you dont ask or hound a customer for purchase of an extra product, they pay you less….and they write you up. Its a very negative place to work. The managers are ALWAYS WHISPERING little secrets. I got fired for telling the truth about a bill and not asking if people wanted cases on EVERY call even if the customer was angry they suggested i at least ask them if they want a “sale item”. Maybe you should take this and run with it. Have fun, because from what I heard, they will not be in operation in 2012…if there sales dont spike. And with managers who treat people like that..i cant wait to watch them fall. If Kim Jeffries knew how his call center was run, maybe he would just give up. When he or anyone else from Greenwich comes we were always told to tidy up and keep quiet. I have enough info alone to fill this site with negativity. Thats not me though, so I will leave it like this: EVERYONE SHOULD CALL THERE AND ASK FOR A DISCOUT. THEY WILL DROP YOUR PRICE ON WATER UP TO 50% IF YOU SAY YOU WANT TO CANCEL SERVICE. SO I ADVISE ANYONE WHO STILL HAS SERVICE WITH THAT NASTY COMPANY TO CALL, SAY YOU ARE CANCELLING BECAUSE THE PRICE IS TO HIGH…THEY WILL DROP IT, AND IN TURN LOOSE PROFIT AND IN TURN BE GONE FOREVER. THIS IS A FACT- WHOEVER RUNS THIS SITE NEEDS TO LET THE PUBLIC KNOW THEY LIE AND IF YOU DO HAPPEN TO ENJOY DELIVERY THEN GO GET YOUR PRICE SLASHED IN HALF. THEY WILL DO IT. I TRANSFERED 40% OF MY CALLS TO A TEAM OF BEASTS WHO WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A BONUS, THAT TEAM WILL CUT PRICES LIKE BUTTER. I HAVE BEEN GONE FOR 5 MONTHS AND I AM LETTING EVERYONE KNOW THEY ARE EITHER GETTING RIPED OFF ORRRR COULD PAY LESS. IM PLEASED TO BE GONE AND AM NOW HAPPY TO WORK FOR JOHNSON AND JOHNSON…AT LEAST THEY TELL THE TRUTH.

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