Group Forms to Protect Wells (ME) Water From Nestle/Poland Springs

In response to Nestle/Poland Spring’s interest in water extraction projects in Wells, Maine, a new advocacy group has formed (which won’t make Nestle/Poland Spring very happy).

We wish the members of Protect Wells Water good luck in their fight – which currently involves a fight over a relatively Nestle-friendly water extraction ordinance.

The battle for Wells’ water has been a contentious one, and right now, this group is fighting a battle against the significant resources of Nestle. Nestle’s willingness to spend and mislead voters resulted in the voting down of a rights-based ordinance, and now PWW is fighting an extraction ordinance whose significant shortcomings are detailed here.

I registered for their email list; anyone with a few spare minutes might want to read about their plight on their Web site.

One thought on “Group Forms to Protect Wells (ME) Water From Nestle/Poland Springs

  1. Many thanks for introducing our web site to your readers. YES, Nestle/Poland Spring wants a permit for commercial large scale water extraction from our groundwater resource known as the Branch Brook Aquifer. This aquifer supplies five towns, thousands of people and hundreds of businesses with water.
    The selectmen in the Town of Wells are in support of allowing this to happen. They even sit at the meetings with Nestle/Poland Spring plastic water bottles on the table. Nestle attorney Chip Ahrens attends every selectmen meeting. He’s spoken and given comment/advise to the Wells Ordinance Revue Committee. (which can be seen on Utube) and has been seen openly engaged in conversation with Wells town attorney Leah Rachin out side of the meetings when they were over. Nestle/ Poland Spring publicist Corey Haskell attends all of the town meetings, public hearings as well. Nestle began negotiations with the Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells water district a couple of years ago. Kennebunk citizens formed a group Save Our Water, also known as SOH2O and fought to squash that contract. In the aftermath Nestle/Poland Spring went next door to the Town of Wells to attempt to create an ordinance that would allow them to mine our aquifer. We are working hard to STOP NESTLE/POLAND SPRING.
    The posted this comment July 30, 2009 on their web site. It is a quote from Nestle/Poland Spring rep. Mark Dubois.
    “With the economy like it is, we probably won’t be searching out new sites like we used to,” he reported.
    Dubois, however, said Poland Spring would continue to work on developing a water source near Branch Brook in Wells.
    “That’s one resource that we’ll still be keeping our eyes on,” he noted. Yea, you betcha mark!
    The citizens of the Branch Brook community NEED help to fight Nestle/ Poland Spring. I ask everyone who can help in some way to please, STOP NESTLE NOW! Denise Penttila PWW

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