Nestle Waters Sites Water Bottling Plant in Sacramento, CA

Nestle Waters’ star-crossed McCloud bottling proposal continues to simmer, yet the water bottling giant isn’t standing still – they just announced a new water bottling plant in Sacramento.

via Nestle Waters to build bottling plant in Sacramento:

Nestle Waters North America announced today it plans to build a water bottling plant in a warehouse at the Florin Fruitridge Industrial Park in South Sacramento.

The $14 million plant is scheduled to begin operations early next year and will employ 40 people. It will bottle water for the Nestle Pure Life and Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water brands, a news release states.

The plant will be supplied with piped water from the city of Sacramento, as well as water trucked from several private springs in Northern California, a spokeswoman said. It will initially bottle as much as 50 million gallons a year, primarily for distribution in Northern California.

Nestle’s gotta be celebrating this one – every other new Nestle Waters bottling project is facing a mortifying amount of opposition (even in Cascade Locks), yet this deal was apparently done in just a few months.

Not only is Nestle planning to bottle its Pure Life municipal water product in Sacramento, but it’s also trucking in water from “private” springs and bottling its Arrowhead brand.

The “spring water” brands are typically bottled in their rural bottling plants – which incidentally are the same plants receiving the most unfavorable attention.

And yes, we wonder what this will mean to their McCloud project, which may just have grown redundant – especially with Cascade Locks on the drawing board.

5 thoughts on “Nestle Waters Sites Water Bottling Plant in Sacramento, CA

  1. The proposed Sacramento bottling plant is within an “Enterprise Zone”, one of California’s Economic Development Areas. McCloud is a part of the Siskiyou County Enterprise Zone. This does not seem accidental, and Enterprise Zone (and other economic development areas) tax credits are HUGE. I am wondering where else in California they are bottling, and if economic development areas should bear closer scrutiny?

  2. It is curious that news reports describe source water as the City of Sacramento and several other foothill locations and no one has yet filed a complaint with the State Water Resources Control Board alleging waste and unreasonable use against the City and those sources providing water outside of their watersheds. Curious indeed for all the controversy. Nestle may be permitted but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a waste and/or unreasonable use of the resource.

  3. is there anything being done to protest against the plant? i just found out that their plant is already running, im not 100% sure if its true.. i would like some more info. whats can i do to help?

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