World Premier of “Tapped” (New Bottled Water Movie) Slated for Maine

When we first posted the trailer to the movie “Tapped” we got a lot of traffic (and why not – it’s a kickass trailer).

That’s why we’re happy to post it again – and to announce the World Premiere, which takes place (appropriately) in Waterville, Maine – and features some of the folks fighting Nestle Waters of North America’s predations in Maine:

World Premiere of the documentary Tapped from Atlas Films
(by the director of “Who Killed the Electric Car”)

featuring Maine Water Justice Activists in the struggle

Sunday, July 12th at 3:30pm
Waterville Opera House
Waterville, Maine

(Movie site:

2 thoughts on “World Premier of “Tapped” (New Bottled Water Movie) Slated for Maine

  1. Nestle’s going to love this.

    They wrote a largely immaterial page-by-page critique of Elizabeth Royte’s Bottlemania.

    Then produced a corporate video that was one great, big whopping lie to counter the movie Flow.

    One wonders what will flow from Nestle’s PR legions once Tapped is released…

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