Letters to Editor Decry Nestle Plant in Cascade Locks

Three letters to the editor at Oregon Live are indicating what Nestle surely didn’t want to see: A surprising amount of opposition to a Nestle water bottling plant in Cascade Locks:

Before city leaders in Cascade Locks decide whether to allow the massive infrastructure, land use and water use changes sought by Nestle Waters North America, they would do well to check up on the welfare of similar communities hosting Nestle plants (“Bottler seeks to tap spring water in gorge,” June 12).

Excerpt #2:

If Nestle is allowed to build a bottling plant and pump water in the Columbia River Gorge, it will most definitely do more harm than good.

Pumping huge amounts of water from rivers harms the environment, changes the balance of ecosystems, and mostly works to benefit the company.

In Mecosta County, Michigan, where Nestle has a bottling plant, the effects on the community have been
devastating. Nestle has made it virtually impossible for the community to have a say in how it pumps the water and runs the operation.

Excerpt #3:

After reading about Nestle Waters North America’s proposal for a $50 million bottling plant in Cascade Locks, (bringing a whopping 45 jobs) all I can say is “No! No! No!”

Cascade Locks should not let Nestle anywhere near its supply of pristine spring water. That could begin the slippery slope of corporate ownership of the water supply.

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