Chaffee County Delays Nestle Extraction Decision (Now Nestle’s Not Paying its Bills)

Nestle’s water extraction plan in Chaffee County (CO) ran into a buzzsaw of local opposition – including a couple of county-hired consultants who shot Nestle’s proposals full of holes (especially the economic “benefits” to the area, which were shown to be hugely overstated (if nonexistent).

The County Commissioners were supposed to hold a vote on the Nestle permit process, but delayed because the huge Swiss multinational – a hugely profitable company – hasn’t yet paid its bills to the county (specifically, the cost of hiring consultants to debunk its “erroneous” permit application):

County delays vote on Nestle’s plan to tap springs –

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Map, News) –
Chaffee County commissioners have delayed voting on Nestle’s plan to draw and ship water from along the Arkansas River because the food and beverage giant hasn’t paid its bills.

The commissioners said Tuesday that they’ve spent $140,000 to review the company’s application to draw the water from area springs, but Nestle Waters North America has paid only $33,000 so far.

No doubt Nestle will eventually pay the money it owes the county, but this delay can’t help their cause in Chaffee County, where Nestle’s questionable conduct in other small towns quickly became an albatross around the company’s neck.

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