Letter to Editor: Poland Spring Should Treat Water As Valuable Resource in Maine

A thoughtful letter to the editor in Maine highlights the thinking of a responsible Maine business owner – who wonders why water should be largely free for Poland Spring.

Poland Spring now extracts 700 million gallons of Maine water per year, bottles it in plastic and ships it world-wide. I wonder how many Poland Spring labels can be found floating in the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” 100 million tons of trash swirling in the vortex of the Pacific Gyre current? That’s mostly our West Coast trash.

For East Coast trash, we probably have to see how many cute Poland Spring bottles are swirling aimlessly in the Sargasso Sea. Not a brand Maine can be proud of.

Anyway, Poland Spring claims that Maine has more than enough water. The excess just runs into the salty Gulf of Maine, so why not put it in plastic and make some money on it?

Water is one of Maine’s best natural resources because it is plentiful and mostly clean. That does not mean it should be free.

Read the rest of the letter here.

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