Nestle/Poland Spring Not Done in Wells, Kennebunk Says Activist

I believe it was Jim Olsen of Michigan who remarked on Nestle’s amazing resilience; you beat them one way, and they come back at you from a different direction.

That speaks to the profits at stake in the bottled water business – and explains water activist Jamilla El Shafei’s contention that Nestle is trying to end-run the citizens of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Wells, who have overwhelmingly said “no” to allowing Nestle/Poland Spring access to their watershed:

The Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells Water District’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously to SAY NO TO NESTLE!  After nearly one year of struggle Save Our Water is very pleased with this outcome. However, the battle to protect our water has shifted to Wells, as Nestle is trying to go through the back door and contract directly with landowners to pipe water bypassing KKW Water District territory. We will give the water warriors in Wells all of the help they need to keep Nestle out.

A “rights-based” water ordinance in Wells – very similar to those approved by voters in nearby towns – went down to defeat (in a very messy town meeting) after an intensive lobbying and PR effort by Nestle/Poland Spring.

One result of the contentious effort included an Op-Ed piece in a newspaper which reprinted an email accusing one pro-ordinance selectmen of being a communist – one bent on bringing down the USA government.

Nice stuff.

Clearly, Nestle needed to derail this ordinance train before it even got started, and they invested significant resources to see that it happened.