Bottled Water Sales in Europe Take Big Hit – Precursor to What’s Coming in US?

In Europe, the bottled water market has taken a serious pummelling, and industry leaders set up the “Natural Hydration Council” to try promote their products – often at the expense of soft drinks.

So far, the NHC has been more talking point than successful venture; in 2008, sales of water fell dramatically (via Marketing Magazine UK):

The NHC was set up by Nestle Waters, Danone Waters and Highland Spring last September to protect the declining bottled-water sector.

Last year sales fell by 9%, with Danone’s Evian and Volvic posting drops of 7% and 13% respectively. Nestle Waters’ Vittel recorded a 55% fall in sales, according to Nielsen.

What happens to those rural jobs when sales decline in similar fashion here?

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