Bottlemania Author Elizabeth Royte Visits Site of Proposed McCloud Water Bottling Plant

I spent Friday touring McCloud with Underground Fave writer and Bottlemania author Elizabeth Royte (her Web site), who wanted to see ground zero in the Nestle water bottling plant wars.

While the McCloud Services District has no contract with Nestle Waters, it’s clear Nestle’s knocking at the door; they want to sign a new contract before 2009 is finished (after stepping out of the old one, apparently without warning the board).

The tiny rural town – which was just starting to breathe a little in the last nine months – has been plunged righ back into the Nestle Water Wars by the multinational, which heard repeated requests from residents for a “little breathing space.”

Nestle shows every sign of being willing to simply grind this one out, and why not? The potential profits from a McCloud bottling plant are huge, which explains the kind of money they’ve been willing to sink into the project.

More to come on this one.