UK Government Report Predicts Up To 80% Reduction in River Flows by Mid-Century

Everyone who believes that selling water to a bottling company like Nestle Waters of North America right now isn’t a bad idea, take a gander at this report from the UK (via WaterSISWEB) – which suggests rivers could suffer 80% reductions in mid-summer flows by mid-century:

Rivers during the summer could have up to 80 per cent less water in them by the middle of this century, leaving the country facing widespread drought, according to a new government report to be published this week.

Think your water resources are secure even in the face of climate change? Think again:

Officials said they were keen to avoid repeating the mistakes that have been made in other countries such as Australia, where they are already suffering severe drought due to rising temperatures blamed on climate change.

By combining detailed modelling of summer and winter rainfall – using predictions taken from the widely recognised Hadley Centre’s Global Circulation Models – with geological data, the agency has produced maps that reveal the full extent of the impact that climate change could have on the country’s waterways.

“We were shocked at how fundamental the shift in our water base will be,” said Trevor Bishop, head of water resource policy for the Environment Agency.

“It will effect both the way we manage our water supplies and have a significant impact on the habitats and species that we have come to accept here in the UK.

As I noted in my recent radio interview, few rural towns are codifying adaptive management techniques into their water deals. And as we learned from Mecosta County – where Nestle’s pumping dried up wetlands – Nestle Water isn’t all that interested in stopping the pumps once the profits start flowing (despite all the resource-friendly rhetoric).

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