“Tapped” Movie Trailer Kicks Serious Bottled Water Butt

Invest 341 seconds of your day and watch the hard-hitting trailer for Tapped – a bottled water documentary. Note especially the references to Fryeburg and Nestle-branded bottled water (Poland Spring, Arrowhead, etc).


The money quote? Jim Wilfong of Maine lays it on the line:

“We are the children of revolutionary war solidiers, and we are not going to give this up without a fight”

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3 thoughts on ““Tapped” Movie Trailer Kicks Serious Bottled Water Butt

  1. My wife and I are former employees of Nestle’ Waters at their newer plant in Cabazon, CA. I worked in the QA lab and my wife worked production. We are just getting involved in exposing this behemoth monster company for what they are. I was required to do some outrageously unsafe things during the ramping up of that facility. Discovering what I’m learning about the company’s irresponsible behavior toward the environment is no surprise. The waste we saw on a daily basis was staggering.

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