Poland Spring/Nestle Facing Challenges in Maine (Wonders Why??)

With Nestle/Poland Springs facing growing opposition in Maine, you knew the self-righteous whining was sure to follow. And sure enough, it has.

From the Portland Press Herald: Challenges piling up for Poland Spring

After 146 years of doing business in Maine, Poland Spring is fighting battles on three fronts these days — over test wells in Shapleigh, a proposed tax that would cost the company $7 million a year, and a state Supreme Court case over a pumping station in Fryeburg.

Actually, there are a couple more fights in progress, and that’s ignoring the looming fight over truck/traffic issues that will eventually (mark my words) come to the fore.

Still, that doesn’t prevent Nestle’s operative on the ground from voicing a regrettably amusing lament:

“Where have we done harm or where have we caused issues that have caused people to take drastic steps like this?” asked Mark Dubois, natural resource director for Poland Spring, a subsidiary of Nestle Waters North America.

We’re going to speak slowly here so our friend Mark can follow.

Mark, your company is slow-roasting the town of Fryeburg with your five-suits-and-counting legal assault (and because you can afford expensive attorneys, your predatory multinational could easily strip the town of control over its own development).

In several instances you’ve apparently tried to cut water extraction deals before citizens could notice.

In fact, I compiled a list of reasons why small towns don’t trust Nestle (though you’ve created new reasons you frisky corporate types, and I haven’t updated the list yet), and perhaps you’d like to review that list here.

Still, it’s hard not return to the subject of Fryeburg, where your predatory company acts as if it’s entitled to build a truck loading station in a residential despite what the town’s planning commission and citizens seem to want.

In fact, Mark, I’m going to make a bold prediction here; if Nestle wins it suit and forces itself on the tiny town of Fryeburg, your troubles in Maine – and I say this with a great deal of sincerity – are only beginning.

4 thoughts on “Poland Spring/Nestle Facing Challenges in Maine (Wonders Why??)

  1. TC,
    You seem to be the only one who ever mentions that Poland Spring IS Nestle. Mark Dubois must not know where his paycheck/W-2 comes from since he NEVER mentions that Nestle and Poland Spring are one and the same.

    These days Poland Spring is only a brand name like Edy’s as in ice cream….. also another Nestle product.

  2. It’s certainly part of the Nestle playbook; “Poland Spring” is a lot less threatening sounding than the “world’s largest food and beverage multinational based in Switzerland.” The fact that the profits generated by the sale of Maine’s water flow directly back to Switzerland is not a concept that Nestle wants Mainers to latch onto, hence the spin.

    What’s amusing is that out here in McCloud, Nestle’s operative has repeatedly used a similar tactic, vilifying opposition to the McCloud water bottling plant as being from “outside the community” or a “bunch of wealthy San Francisco fly fishermen” – ignoring the fact that Nestle isn’t exactly local (neither is the operative, who temporarily lives in Redding – more than an hour away).

  3. Where is the harm? When neighbors mortagage their homes and stop talking to old friends to engage in legal battles to save their town from the ravages inflicted by the extraction of their water, which they did not advertize or want to sell in the first place, harm has been done. Test wells driven without permits or public notice harm established wildlife preserves just as the equipment to drill, pump, and transport quantities of extracted water harm towns which have no public or private water facilities, no protection by adequate regulations, and state-approved Comprehensive Plans which define future growth in direct opposition. Yes, harm has been done. When local officials are replaced or influenced negatively, public trust is broken, our rights ignored, and deliberate misrepresentation exposed, definitely harm has been done all across this United States and around the world by NESTLE, NA.

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