Latest Bottled Water Industry Talking Point: “You’re Anti-Business!”

Bottled water industry representatives are suddenly cropping up all over the Internet, using their patented fuzzy logic to attack those who aren’t fans of bottled water.

It’s yet another sign that the gloves are off (as if Nestle Waters CEO Kim Jeffries’ statement slamming the quality of public water supplies wasn’t disgraceful proof enough), so the appearance of former Tobacco Institute spokesperson Tom Lauria (now shilling for the bottled water association [IBWA]) shouldn’t be a total surprise.

In this instance, Lauria went after an Ecopreneurist writer (Lauria’s text italicized): Bottled Water VIPs Think We Are Anti-Corporate, Capitalism-Haters : Ecopreneurist

A few days ago I posted about how the Director of Communications at Nestlé Waters North America took issue with a previous post about their CEO. This time, Tom Lauria, Vice President, Communications for the International Bottled Water Association responded:

…it’s the middle of day, and you’re running erands and you’re thirsty. You can buy a coffee or a cola but you want something healthy and refreshing, so you buy a nice cold bottle of water. Zero calories. Major hydration — it wakes you up! Any attempt by anyone to get people to drink less water is not in the public interest. Why are you targeting the packaged beverage with the smallest possible carbon fooprint? And it is clear people drink more water when they drink bottled water! At the end of day, there’s GREENSMOG…where anti-corporate types hide behind “saving the earth” to bash businesses because they hate capitalism.

Ahh, you nasty anti-Nestle activists – you’re not trying to protect your local water resources and local economies from a predatory multinational – you’re simply anti-corporate!

And shame on you Fryeburg citizens who forced poor Nestle to sue you five times because they wanted a 24/7 truck loading station in a residential area. You’re just anti-business!

And those opponents of Nestle proposed bottling plant in McCloud who woke up one morning to find their personal, private had been subpeonaed by Nestle – you’re just business bashers!

Of coure, after ten years spent spinning reality for the Tobacco Institute, Mr. Lauria’s perfectly capable of moving the bottled water debate far beyond the bounds of reality, and those with a minute or two to spare should consider heading to the discussion I referenced above and letting Mr. Lauria know what you think of the companies he represents.

And yes, expect to see a lot more of this cropping up.

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  1. Jennifer: You’re definitely on my RSS reader now. The “You’re anti-business” talking point has been a recurring theme in the industry – especially in the small rural towns targeted by Nestle.

    Good luck!

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