Nestle-Connected Consultant Writing “Nestle Friendly” Water Ordinance in Shapleigh

Nestle’s record of interfering in small town politics is well known, and we’re seeing it yet again in Shapleigh, where the voter-mandated water extraction ordinance – clearly intended to limit the impact of extraction on the town – is being written by a consultant that Nestle referred to the Board of Selectman.

From the Water in the News blog:

The last draft made available for review, did not have any language limiting the amount of water allowed to be extracted or any hours of operation which have been asked for repeatedly by citizens at past hearings. A new addition to the ordinance is allowing existing water extraction activities to continue for three years before applying for a permit. I sure hope this is not what it sounds like. Remember the 16 borewells in Vernon Walker Game Management Area? Guess we will need to ask what this means for those well heads.

Mr. Tewhey has been hired by the Shapleigh Selectpeople to write the towns Large Scale Water Ordinance which in its current state is very biased in Nestle Corporation’s favor. Mr. Tewey was referred to the selectmen by Nestle.

Who’s ordinance is this? Nestlé’s or Shapleigh’s?

It’s vintage Nestle. They’re practiced at interfering in small town politics, and repeatedly refer consultants with strong connections to the water bottling giant.

That citizen concerns aren’t met, but Nestle’s are – a powerful reason why small towns can’t trust the food & beverage giant.

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