See Nestle’s Infamous Greenwashing Ad (Don’t Stare, It’s Not Polite)

The now-infamous Nestle greenwashing ad we’ve repeatedly referenced was put up for display at the Greenwise blog, and we’ve posted a slightly smaller version:

In an astonishing feat of marketing engineering, the ad represents Nestle’s bottled water as the “most environmentally responsible consumer product in the world,” putting Nestle firmly in the same hyper-marketed realm as “clean coal” and “earn millions from home over the Internet.”

Don’t look so astonished – this is the same “good corporate citizen” who sues small towns, negotiates contracts in secret, and loses very, very ungracefully. This isn’t much of a stretch.

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6 thoughts on “See Nestle’s Infamous Greenwashing Ad (Don’t Stare, It’s Not Polite)

  1. It’s interesting how they reference how they’ve reduced their packaging impact, as if that was done for the better good of the environment. The only reason they reduced the plastic, labels, & corrugate was solely for financial reasons. ie. it’s saving them money & that’s why they did it.

  2. I wish they were as willing to confront issues like the ongoing Fryeburg lawsuit and the damage in Napa as they are their “lighter” plastic bottle, better than 70% of which still end up in landfills.

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