First Newsletter Ships: What’s Next at

The first of our e-newsletters went out this morning, and while our email list has grown gratifyingly quickly, there’s always room for more (you can sign up in the left-hand sidebar, or by clicking here).

In addition to highlighting the past month’s most significant stories, the e-newsletter also offers a glimpse at what’s coming – in this case a couple of important stories about Nestle’s souring relationship with the citizens of McCloud, and Nestle/Poland Spring’s need to run advertising in Denmark to counter the rising anti-Nestle tide.

Plus we’re working on a perspective piece that gets right to the root of the Nestle problem: despite their protestations that they’re a good corporate neighbor, Nestle’s largely dismissive of local citizens, local businesses, local values and local needs.

That will be published first to our e-Newsletter list, and then on the site.

Don’t miss it.